The HUM…

Why we create, what we create, and how we create is as personal and unique as each of our fingerprint patterns.

Many have a story to tell, either real or imagined. Some create to express thoughts & ideas or recreate to share beautiful images of our world. Others of us draw & paint & write dreamed up characters that will otherwise stay in our heads alone, unless we get them down on paper. Some create to release an angst or wrong done, while a lot of us create for fame or money- yes that too.

But whatever the muse~ I think that creating gives us a feeling* that we can derive from no other source!   For me, its a HUM. That incredible feeling of time stopped-in an altered state of consciousness (or grace), when we are removed from the on-going barrage of everyday human toiling.

I remember the 1st time I ever felt the Hum. I was maybe 4 or 5 and made to endure another LONG insufferable evening prayer meeting with my parents. For hours I’d sat perched and restless on a metal folding chair, trying with all my little might not to swing my feet against the bars for fear my father would hiss  “SIT STILL” and pinch my knee again to prove his point. Just when I thought I would surely die there, a woman sitting next to me reached in her purse, and  pulled out a note pad & pen. She began drawing and drawing -her pen magic as it danced across the paper, leaving behind shapes and characters that came to life right before my eyes.

I was mesmerized, I forgot where I was, I forgot that the chair felt like an iron prison, I left the prayer meeting behind and even my father’s gargoyle glare. I was wrapped in AWE and filled with a HUM.

Too soon, this lovely lady (whomever she was) stood to leave. (I like to think of her as the Florence Nightingale to my awkward childself) She looked at me, smiled and handed me both pen & paper with a nod to proceed where she left off. From that day forward whenever I immerse myself in creating, REALLY CREATE and let the world fall away as it may, I get that same sensation …the HUM.

The HUM carries me through all the dark ups and downs of trying to scratch and claw a living as an artist and a writer. It’s my own sweet siren that rewards me when I tune out the world, and answer the call.

Happy creating ~ Find your HUM !!     RebeccaImage

That’s me in the devil red coat : )

About scratchingandclawing

Self taught Author& Illustrator -surviving the publishing industry and other daring life feats. : )
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