Australian Illustration Blog tour

I have been tagged by,  (check out her work) on an illustrator blog tour, which originated in Australia and has gone around the globe. Thanks Christina : )

What is the title of your new book? The book is titled Anybody Home? and was written by Marianne Berkes -published by fall 2013


What is the synopsis of the story and target age audience ? The story is a cute tale about an opossum “Polly” who is just about to be a new mother and is in great search for a home for she & her babies. She travels all around a meadow and meets a lot of other animals until finding her own home. Ages maybe 3-8 would enjoy it best.

How long did it take you to put together the first round of sketches? About 2 weeks for the roughs and then finished sketches- went back and forth a bit via scans until we had tweaked it all to satisfaction. My editor was great to work with -so it went well. Finished illustrations took about 2+ months.


What media did you use to create the illustrations for ANYBODY HOME ? I work in acrylic on gessoed art board. Sometimes I use a little ink for definition. 



Who or what inspired you illustrating this book? I have always liked opossums- they are curious and odd and seem to be a little bit “wrong side of the track ” critters but I like them and enjoy their visits to my kitchen porch-even if they do eat all the cat food and drive my dog nuts! 


What was /is your favorite page in the book to illustrate? I had fun with most of these pages,they all had a strong illustrative text,  but I suppose my favorite page might be the fox family den.Image

And what is next after ANYBODY HOME? I am working on a dummy for a book I have both written & illustrated – Can’t tell you the title…; ) It’s a secret- but here is a sketch. Stay tuned…: )Image

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Self taught Author& Illustrator -surviving the publishing industry and other daring life feats. : )
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